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    Private Foundation (ES) Coordinator
    National Association of Italtian Municipalities of Tuscany (IT)
  3. Educational Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya (ES)
  4. Eurosportello Confesercenti (IT)
    Foundation for Development, Innovation and Technology (ES)
  6. Gefosat (FR)
  7. Local Energy Agency of Montpellier (FR)
  8. Municipality of Peristeri (GR)
  9. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (GR)
  10. Province of Ancona (IT)

ASCAMM - Private Foundation (ES ) – Coordinator


Ascamm Private Foundation is a multi-sector non-profit organization  whose mission is to generate wealth in the industrial environment by conducting applied R&D, innovation and knowledge-intensive services aimed at improving competitiveness, business efficiency and societal challenges.

Ascamm has an active relationship with over 500 companies in its reference sectors: automotive, aeronautics, railways, medical technologies, construction, industrial equipment, energy, packaging and consumption, plastic and metal transformation, etc.  It also maintains a solid and extensive international collaboration network with a large number of industrial, technological and training organizations in Europe and worldwide.

Concerning the construction sector, Ascamm provides research and development services to companies, offering its knowledge and experience in materials technology, thermal and acoustic insulation, energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmental impact.

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ANCI TOSCANA - National Association of Italian Municipalities of Tuscany (IT)

ANCI Tuscany is the regional office of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) that gathers 287 Tuscan municipalities. It has an institutional representative as well as a capacity building mission at the service of municipalities.

In the school sector, ANCI Tuscany coordinates activities of municipalities and associated bodies fostering efficiency, effectiveness and economy, enhancing local authorities through the logic of institutional subsidiarity, promoting opportunities to exchange and share good practices and knowledge, providing technical, financial, organizational and legal assistance also through developing studies and reports, as well as organizing information and dissemination opportunities as conferences, seminars and training courses.

Thanks to its strong role  on a political level and to its high level expertise and network, Anci Toscana is a reliable partner both at regional, national and European level, and for these reasons it works closely with local authorities (mainly Tuscan municipalities, Tuscany Region, Metropolitan City of Florence and other membership organizations), also taking care of the collection, analysis and dissemination of data and information concerning the promotion of a local development based on the EU2020 strategy.

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Educational Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya (ES)

Eurosportello Confesercenti (Eurosportello) is promoted by Confesercenti ( a non-profitbusiness association), which represents the economic interests of about 250,000 enterprises in Italy. Eurosportello developed a strong capacity to manage local development processes through information on community policies and assistance for the access to financial opportunities targeted both to the private and to the public sector. A wide expertise was gained with the conception and management of web applications providing information and assistance on community issues and instruments and with the management of on-line communities of local stakeholders who are able to communicate on the different aspects of local development.

Eurosportello Confesercenti is a contact point  for the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), created by the European Commission and EACI (European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation) to foster the process of internationalization, innovation and technology transfer.
The EEN operates in more than 40 countries all over the world and with over 600 organizations including development agencies, commerce chambers, business innovation centres, universities and research centres.

Since 1989, Eurosportello has helped SMEs and local actors with: training, assistance, partner research, consultancy, web products and information about available opportunities and activities. 

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FUNDITEC - Foundation for Development, Innovation and Technology (ES)

The Foundation for Development Innovation and Technology (Funditec) is a non-profit public equivalent body, located in Barcelona, whose main mission is to contribute to the economic and social development via the promotion of technology and social innovation. With this purpose in mind, Funditec has collaborated with and supported a wide range of social agents including, among others, public administration agencies; enterprises; public and private organizations; regional, local and international entities; universities; third sector actors, etc.

With a professional team formed by high-profile political scientists and economists, who are experts in innovation-support mechanisms, Funditec provides regular advice and support to policy makers and regional agents in the development of innovation supportive environments.

The main areas of activity of our foundation’s projects are the promotion of sustainable energies, training awareness raising and lifelong learning activities, the development of territorial instruments for innovation policies, the promotion of social innovation and business support and economic innovation actions.

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Gefosat is a technical non-profit organization created in 1978 whose purpose is to promote energy savings and renewable energies.
The main activity is a local service of information and advice for households, small municipalities and small companies. It also organizes visits  to renewable energy installations, participates  in specialized trade exhibitions, and intervenes in thematic conferences and training courses.
Gefosat makes small energy diagnostics on buildings of little municipalities and individual houses.
It is also involved in the implementation of energy policies by contributing to studies for local authorities (energy saving and renewable energy scheme, climate policies, etc...)

Gefosat has been involved in tacking fuel poverty for 15 years and is now one of the main French actors in this field (several studies and researches, social workers training, etc...).

 Additionally, Gefosat has contributed to the redaction of many publications on different topics: renewable energies in establishments for tourism, education and energy, architectural integration of solar thermal panels, practical guide on fuel poverty for local and national authority. 

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Local Energy Agency of Montpellier (FR)

Created in 2007 on the initiative of the City of Montpellier with the support of the Conurbation of Montpellier, the Languedoc-Roussillon Region, the General Council of Hérault department, the Ademe (national agency) and Europe, the Local Energy Agency of Montpellier is an association  that promotes energy and water savings and the development of the renewable energies.

ALE Montpellier has two main missions: the first one involves raising public awareness  and providing information and neutral and free advice towards the general public; the second  goal consists of a technical accompaniment of  project leaders: municipalities, co-ownerships, companies, etc…

Below are some examples of our agency’s activities:

Free and independent technical advises for all consumers, visits to  exemplary sites, accompaniment  for municipalities on the management of their buildings, technical assistance for renovation and thermal rehabilitation of buildings or new construction, trainings for co-ownerships and municipal officers, animations, public events, development of educational tools for the youth, etc...

ALE Montpellier employs 7 specialists and technical advisers and its premises are located in the center of Montpellier.

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Municipality of Peristeri (GR)

The Municipality of Peristeri is the largest of the 9 municipalities of Western Athens, both in area and population, and the fourth largest municipality of Greece in population. It borders with the municipalities of Ilion (to the north), Athens (to the East), Egaleo (to the south), Chaidari (to the west) and Petroupoli (to the northwest). The official census of 2001 estimated a population of 146,743 citizens and 60,519 houses, while the Power Company’s statistical survey estimates a population of more than 300,000. The city is expanded over an area of 1,100 hectares. During the last Part B Page 60 of 73 three decades, the dominant type of businesses located in Peristeri has been the family to medium size shops and companies. These businesses typically employ 2-3 people and specialize mainly in commerce. Overall, the city is divided in 8 districts and 34 neighborhoods. Also, being in the geographical center of Western Athens, it has the most extended traffic and transportation coverage (bus lines and a metro station). The Municipality of Peristeri is well known for its traditional hospitality. The district of Bournazi is one of the most important areas for entertainment in the greater Attica area, where one can find hundreds of shops, restaurants, bars, internet cafes etc.).

The construction of the new city hall - the largest construction work in the history of Peristeri – was completed in record time. It is located at the site of the old city hall, at the city’s central square. It includes 4 underground parking spaces and 3 upper levels covering an area of 10,058 square meters. This new and modern building will house all of the city’s municipal offices. Apart from the 4-level underground parking (400 spaces), it will include a theater, a convention hall and various spaces dedicated to cultural and exhibition activities. The materials and the architecture of the building will ensure its harmonious integration with the surroundings and low levels of energy consumption. In August 2004, the metro reached Agios Antonios, inaugurating the first metro station in Peristeri, while two more stations (Peristeri and Thivon) are under development. When completed, this transport grid is estimated to serve the capital’s western suburbs (Peristeri, Chaidari, Ilion, Petroupoli), in which a large part of Attica’s total population resides. Since the opening of the Agios Antonios Metro Station, more than 50,000 people use the metro to commute. In 2007, when the full metro grid will be in service, this figure is expected to triple.

Every year a variety of events take place in Peristeri, organized by the city hall and its organizations: theatrical events, carnivals, student and seasonal activities, etc. The sporting events organized by the city’s athletic organization are also of great importance: the International Gymnastics Festival, basketball tournaments for schools, football tournaments for independent teams, bicycle city rounds, etc.

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National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (GR)
Group of Building Environmental Research

The Group of Building Environmental Research (GRBES) operates under the frame of the Section of Applied Physics, Department of Physics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA).

GRBES carries out research and development programs in the field of energy efficiency and environmental quality of the built environment. In parallel, GRBES offers education and training to under- and post-graduate students, and prepares educational material and books on the field of the energy and environment. The main topics are related to: energy performance of buildings, solar energy systems and techniques, Indoor Environmental Quality, intelligent materials, IT technologies, and urban microclimatic design.

GRBES has all the required equipment to support experimental and theoretical studies and has carried out more than a thousand energy audits. Simulation techniques are used to optimize the efficiency while the finalized projects are monitored in detail to experimentally assess their energy and environmental performance. GRBES has vast experience on passive cooling techniques and bioclimatic design of open spaces.

Many prestigious international and national projects have been undertaken in collaboration with well-known experts.

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Province of Ancona (IT)

The Province of Ancona (PROVAN) is a local body including 49 municipalities, with a population of 481,028.

Relevant administrative functions are: environmental protection, promotion of cultural heritage, social services, management of roads and school buildings, and vocational training. The EU Area supports these functions in the development of European strategies and fund raising. PROVAN has the responsibility of managing 43 upper secondary school buildings. While it owns 25 of them, 13 are on loan for use from Municipalities and 5 are rented from private owners. Some school buildings were refurbished according to Energy Saving criteria, while other buildings need interventions to enhance their energy efficiency and their energy saving potential.  Students from high schools in the province are 21,275. If including the teaching and administrative staffs, they reach the size of a city, where the "inhabitants" live the most part of their day in the school buildings. So, they need safe and comfortable environments to live in.

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