ZEMedS Status Report Finalised

The Status Report presents the current situation in four Mediterranean countries (France, Greece, Italy and Spain) as regards the nZEB approach as well as the existing situation of school building stock.

ZEMedS cooperating with the EC VERYSchool Project

VERYSchool is a result-oriented Project, co-funded by the European Commission as ICT-PSP-CIP-Pilot actions that aims to drive all actors of the EU school’s organizations for establishing an effective Energy Management Systems.

ZEMedS Case Studies Selected

The developed nZEB toolkits within ZEMedS will be applied to 10 case studies, with extensive details on solutions for nZEB renovation of schools.

School of the future design report published

The core of the School of the Future project is the realisation of the retrofit demonstration projects of 4 school buildings in Germany, Italy, Denmark and Norway, which cover most of the climate conditions in Europe. Now is available the "Design Phase Report" ....