ZEMedS trainings in Spain

On autumn 2015, Eurecat has been developing a set of trainings in order to promote the nZEB concept and the impacts in the new design models for our buildings. This first dissemination task, concerning ways to develop renovation of Schools in a Mediterranean climate up to nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB), has been mainly addressed to involve and commit 2 target groups, the school policy makers and technical building designers.

The topics discussed are: The European directive trend and their local repercussions, describing the targets and goals in ZEMed’s guidelines for the energetic evaluations development for the existing building, taking into consideration the administrative barriers to achieve some type of information and the impact of the user behaviour and the building management in the final energy consumption, and which sense would have to issue a energy monitoring during the building life. 

Furthermore, on 26th and 27th of January of 2016, it will take place a practical seminar about the same subject but detailing the energetic benefits, economical costs and funding options developed on the toolkits and case studies on the ZEMedS project. 

You can find all reports in the trainings section of the web site



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