ZEMedS First Case Studies Studied

Following a deep renovation strategy, different packages of measures have been examined stepwise initially to four schools buildings as case studies. The energy performance of the selected school buildings has been calculated using an energy simulation program.  A number of measures which deal with the building envelope and energy systems are studied: 

  • Renovation of the façade: External wall insulation system avoiding thermal bridges (with additional application of  cool coating  products)
  • Renovation of the roof: (1) For terrace roofs, external roof insulation system including wind/moisture barriers with new tiles (cool roofs applied in two cases), (2) For pitched roofs with unheated space under cover, insulation system applied internally
  • Replacement of existing windows with upgraded ones
  • Installation of external solar protections
  • Replacement of existing lighting with LED technology
  • Installation of ventilation system ((a) natural, (b) mechanical without heat recovery, (c) mechanical with heat recovery)
  • Change of heating /DHW system
  • Installation of  PV systems

 The measures have been analyzed in order to comply with the ZEMedS nZEB requirements, which appear in ZEMedS toolkits, and calculated global cost for 30 years. 

The complete documentation of the first ZEMedS case studies can be downloaded in Case studies seciton of the web site!

Read more about the completed ZEMedS case studies: 

Escola Santa Maria d'Avia

ITC Benincasa


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